We are a Polish company, that specializes in intelligent lighting control. We have been implementing smart home installations in KNX technology for many years.

Since 2013, to meet the needs of our customers, we have developed and produced our own products for stair lighting control. They are intelligent LED lighting controllers and optical motion sensors, offered under the smartLEDs brand. These are our proprietary products, which we in 100% developed and produce in Poland. A special place in our offer is occupied by intelligent control systems for stair LED lighting. We sell for individuals here, in our on line company store. We have a wholesale offer for other recipients.

High quality of smartLEDs products

As a manufacturer, we pay special attention to the quality of our products. We use electronic components from leading manufacturers of electronic components and specialized software. We use modern technologies for production: automatic surface mounting (SMT) and through hole (THT) in lead-free technology and enclosure printing in 3D technology. Each product is thoroughly checked and tested before being sent to the customer. We give 3 years warranty for our products. We also took care of detailed documentation of our products in English.