Luxury stairs lighting with LED strips

Stairs lighting with LED strips

Stairs lighting with LED strips is a modern way of lighting, allowing to increase the safety of movement on the stairs by good backlighting of each stair steps. Stairs lighting with LED strips also emphasizes the shape of the stairs and brings out the beauty of the materials used for their construction. Also possible intelligent control of lighting brightness by the PWM method over time significantly affects the final visual and decorative effect of stairs. Thanks to the LED backlight, safe, comfortable, energy-saving stairs are created, and at the same time extremely effective, being its showcase. LED stair lights not only reduce the chances of accidents but can even add… Read More

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smartLEDs EXCLUSIVE stair lighting control system with LED strip

How to choose the most suitable stair lighting control system?

What stair lighting control systems do we offer? We provide 3 intelligent stair lighting systems: smartLEDs Exclusive, smartLEDs Premium and smartLEDs Easy, each with a different intelligent stair controller that determines the system’s features. The basic function of each stair lighting control system is to smoothly turn on the lighting for a specific time. Other functions depend on the stair controller used. All our stair lighting control systems are equipped with a dusk switch built into the controller, light probe and stair motion sensors. Welcome to our shop! smartLEDs OMEGA EXCLUSIVE system OMEGA EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM is the most advanced smartLEDs smart stair lighting control system. Its heart is the smartLEDs… Read More

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Smart stairs - backlight with LED strip of round staircase

What are smart stairs in LED technology?

Smart stairs with motion and dusk sensors, illuminated in LED technology, are the best way to get a good, safe, comfortable, and at the same time extremely impressive lighting of stairs, so it is not surprising that more and more owners of new or renovated stairs are opting for this type of lighting. Smart stairs as part of a smart home Smart stairs are becoming more and more popular. In the era of IoT (Internet of Things) it is hardly surprising. In modern interior designs intelligent stairs are increasingly a central element of the house, which is its decoration and an important communication route. Smart stairs can function independently or… Read More

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