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smartLEDs S2 EASY – Staircase Lighting System

The price includes the Staircase LED Lighting System consisting of smartLEDs S2-P LED stair controller (with built-in dusk sensor and built-in operation parameters configurator) and  two smartLEDs DELTA stair sensors (UP and DN) with mounting accessories.

You can choose extra paid option: additional sensors for installation on a mid-floor (MID1 and, if needed, MID2).

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Additional sensors on the mid-floor (extra paid)


smartLEDs S2 Easy – Staircase LED Lighting System

Smart staircase LED lighting system acivated by movement. The system smoothly turns on the light on the staircase as well as performs automation of movement and dusk.

The system is intended for intelligent control of multi-point LED lighting of staircase in LED lighting systems 12V DC / 24V DC with parallel lamp connection. Lamps can be connected in 1 or 2 groups with different current load 8A (output L1) and 2A (output L2) and work in one of 3 modes: Master lamp mode, mini light wave mode or together mode.

smartLEDs S2 EASY - Staircase LED lighting system with motion and dusk sensors

The basic version of the system includes:

  • Intelligent S2-P – stair LED controller (PREMIUM model) with built-in dusk switch and built-in configurator of 17 operation parameters
  • Hermetic light probe
  • Two smartLEDs DELTA  stair optical distance and motion sensors with a maximum range of up to 200 cm, for installation at the bottom and top of the stairs, with mounting accessories.

Mounting accessories

  • flush mounting box Φ35mm or
  • adapter for Φ60mm electrical installation box

NOTE: The offer does not include a Φ60mm electrical installation box.

You can choose additional option of the system:

  • One or two sensors for installation on the mid-floor (MID1 and MID2), if there is an exit from rooms at the mid-floor level. These sensors are needed to detect movement from the mid-floor level.
smartLEDs DELTA stair optical sensor
smartLEDs mounting box
smartLEDS 60mm flush box ADAPTER

 Stair controller

smartLEDs S2-P – LED staircase controller with dusk switch (outputs)
smartLEDs S2-P – LED stair controller with light probe

smartLEDS S2-P

Number of controlled group lamps: 1-2

Style of switching on/off: simultaneously (SIMULT)

2 operation modes: MAX, DAY

Built-in dusk switch with hermetic light probe 

Built-in operation parameters configurator

Controller operation

The intelligent stair controller S2-P is the heart of the intelligent staircase LED lighting system. The controller can work as an intelligent staircase automaton with twilight switch. Its basic function is smooth lighting switching on for a specified time. After the set lighting time, lights are automatically switched off or dimmed to the set backlight value. In the standby mode of the controller, the lamps can be off or slightly illuminated. Some other functions include: dimming, warning when the lights are to go off, prolongation of lighting, permanent lighting, operation of the Master lamp, blocking the lighting during the day.

The controller operation can be adapted to the user’s preferences by changing the configuration settings (17 parameters) with the use of built-in configurator (see the CONFIGURATOR tab). After connecting additional motion sensors (MID1 or MID2) the controller can control the LED lighting of a multi-level staircase.

The controller has 2 modes of operation: MAX and DAY, switched automatically by dusk switch.

The controller can support both dimmable and non-dimmable lamps. In the case of dimmable lamps, switching on and off of each lamp is smooth (gradual change of brightness), and in the case of non-dimmable lamps – sharp.

Smooth switching on/off of lamps

Gradual, smooth brightening or dimming of each lamp;

Parameters of switching on/off:

  • smoothness (a choice of 7 levels of the speed of changing the brightness of a single lamp – from a sharp change to a very gentle)
  • brightness
  • duration of switching on, lights-on and switching off phases
  • switching off direction (the same as switching on or reverse)
Basic properties and functions of the S2-P stair controller:
  • Automatic switching lamps off after set time
  • Switching on/off style: simultaneously
  • 3 modes of operation: Master lamp mode, mini light wave mode or together mode
  • Adjusting the smoothness of dimmable lamps switching on/off (7 levels of smoothness)
  • Backlight of all lamps in standby mode
  • 2 user-configurable operating modes: DAY and MAX, automatically switched with built-in dusk switch or external device/switch/pushbutton connected to the DIS input
  • Warning function before the lights go off
  • MASTER lamp function for ceiling/wall lighting or handrails
  • Dimmer function (separately for MASTER lamp)
  • Light prolongation function
  • Permanent light function
  • Switching on/off of non-dimmable lamps
  • Built-in dusk switch + light probe for indoor or outdoor installation
  • 3 control inputs for connecting motion sensors and / or buttons
  • Possibility of cooperation with any Smart House installation
Built-in dusk switch with light probe
  • Function: blocking of switching on lamps during the day
  • 10 brightness thresholds (selectable) for the light probe
  • Mounting of the probe: outside or inside in the area of the stairs (the controller is intelligent – it does not react to light which it turned on itself; this is an important advantage over external twilight switches, whose light probes must be installed outdoors, in a place not lit by artificial light). The light probe should be connected to the DIS input of the controller.

ATTENTION: Instead of the light probe, another device (e.g. a switch or astronomical clock) or potential-free output of any Smart Home system can be connected to the DIS input.

Hermetic light probe (sensor)
Built-in configurator

Possibility to configure up to 16 controller parameters:

  • Installation parameters: Master lamp (none, dimmable, non-dimmable), Active inputs level (zero, one), DIS input (lock, unlock, flip, S1-S10 (brightness thresholds for the light probe)), extended input filtering (no, yes)
  • Dimmer parameters: Brightness (10% -100%), Backlight lighting (0% -90%), Master brightness (10% -100%), Master backlight (0% -100%)
  • Lighting parameters: Smoothness (0-7), Turning-on time (0s-24s), On time (0s-240s), Turning-off time (0s-24s), Off direction (backwards, compatible)
  • Warning function parameters: Number of warnings (0-7), Warning type (blink, piko, nano, micro, mile, rocking, swing), Warning time (0s-24s), Waiting time (0s-24s)

The installer sets the parameter number and its value using the buttons: SET. “+” and “-“. More information in the S2-P stair controller User Manual (see the DOCUMENTATION tab)

smartLEDs S2-P - Configurator of staircase LED lighting controller

 Stair sensors

smartLEDs DELTA stair optical sensor with round cover
smartLEDs DELTA stair optical sensor – dimensions

200cm DELTA smartLEDs sensors

  • Digital active diffuse optical sensor
  • 2 modes of operation: distance and movement
  • Narrow detection angle of 10 ° -15 °
  • Range 30-200cm, adjustable in steps of about 10cm
  • One-piece construction (receiver and transmitter in one housing)
  • Signalling of range setting and object detection (in front of the sensor, under a removable cover)
  • Easy electrical connection (3-pole terminal block)
  • Small dimensions: width/height (diameter) 42mm, depth 25mm
  • Shapes of cover: round
  • Colors of cover: white, grey, brown, black

Sensor properties

DELTA is a digital diffuse optical sensor which, due to its unique properties, can work as a high-quality stair sensor, in cooperation with smartLEDs LED lighting stair controllers. The sensor works by sending narrow beams of infrared invisible light and measuring reflected values returning to the sensor.

The basic operating mode of the sensor is the distance mode, which is used to detect objects within a fixed distance from the sensor. The sensor has an adjustable range of 30-200 cm, so it can be used both for typical stairs 100 cm wide, as well as for wide stairs and passages up to 230 cm. Thanks to the ability to set the range and narrow detection angle, the sensor does not react to people passing nearby the stairs, which is a great advantage compared to popular PIR sensors. Due to the one-piece structure (the receiver and transmitter are located in one housing), the sensor can be used for open stairs (openwork or built-up on one side only).

When switched to motion mode, the sensor works well in the case of closed stairs, with bright wall reflecting light at the opposite side. In motion mode, DELTA sensor detects a change in the signal reflected from the objects moving within set distance from the sensor. The sensor utilizes microprocessor signal processing algorithms ensuring increased immunity to interference, light fluctuations and changes in operating conditions.

Range adjustment, change of operating mode

Changing the sensor mode and range adjustment is carried out in a convenient way with the help of a small potentiometer located under the removable cover on the front of the sensor.

  • Range setting indication: red LED
  • Object detection indication: green LED
  • Range adjustment – multiturn potentiometer
  • Change of operating mode: multiturn potentiometer and red LED

Follow the user manual (see tab DOCUMENTATION).

Front view of smartLEDs DELTA stair optical sensor

Easy electrical mounting of the sensor

The outputs are located on the terminal block at the back of the sensor:

  • +12V – power supply voltage (+8VDC – 24VDC)
  • GND – power supply ground (0V)
  • OUT – OC type digital output (NPN)
Rear view of smartLEDs DELTA stair optical sensor

Mounting methods for sensors

The small dimensions of the sensor (diameter without cover 35mm, depth 25mm) allow discrete flush mounting.

  • Discreet installation in stair railing poles in the 35mm diameter hole e.g. in a stair baluster
  • Discreet flush mounting in smartLEDs mounting box
  • Flush mounting in standard 60mm electrical boxes using the smartLEDs flush installation box adapter.

It is recommended to install sensors at a height of 80-100cm

smartLEDs mounting box
smartLEDs Mounting box – dimensions

smartLEDs mounting box

It is a flush mounting box.

It is recommended to fix the mounting box in the wall and then to put the sensor into it. Because the dimensions of the flush mounting box match those of the sensor, the sensor fits into it quite tightly and does not require additional fixing. The sensor cover covers the flush box at the front.

smartLEDs DELTA covers of 60mm flush mounting box adapter
smartLEDs adapter with DELTA sensor in 60mm flush mounting box
smartLEDS 60mm flush box ADAPTER

smartLEDs 60mm flush installation box adapter

The 60mm flush installation box adapter enables the aesthetic installation of a stair sensor in a Φ60mm standard installation box.

The adapter consists of two elements: the adapter socket (black element) and the adapter cover (color to choose). The adapter cover is made of ABS plastic, which can be painted.

To mount the sensor:
(1) Remove the sensor cover and insert the sensor (without sensor cover) into the adapter socket,
(2) Screw the adapter socket into the 60mm flush installation box
(3) Latch the adapter cover on the adapter socket. (To remove the adapter cover, lift it slightly at the top.)


smartLEDs S2 Easy Stair Lighting System Installation Diagram of the Sequential LED stair lighting system with S2-P stair controller and DELTA motion sensors

Depicted above is a typical staircase installation of S2-P, with a common power supply for the controller, sensors and lamps; with an optional Master lamp; controlled by staircase sensors DELTA; with built-in dusk sensor; and with the option to switch on the lamps permanently.


  • 2 groups of LED staircase lamps: L1 and L2 (L2 as the upper stair level lamps or, alternatively, Master lamp (ceiling/wall light or handrail backlight))
  • common power supply of the controller, DELTA sensors and LED lamps (typically 12 VDC)
  • automatic turning on the lights by DELTA sensors
  • option: permanent steady lighting with additional switches
  • blocking the controller during daylight with a built-in dusk switch


 Technical specifications

smartLEDs S2-P stair controller

smartLEDs DELTA sensor

smartLEDs ADAPTER for electrical box