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smartLEDs product name
(Stair lighting systems components)
VAT 23%
1.OMEGA stair LED controllerExclusive modelEN-OMEGA5903814485009390 €
2.S19-P stair LED controllerPremium modelEN-S19-P5903814485016300 €
3.S2-P stair LED controllerPremium modelEN-S2-P5903814485023250 €
4.DELTA distance and motion sensor without cover and adapterEN-DELTA-X590381448511572 €
5.DELTA distance and motion sensorwith white, round coverEN-DELTA-BO590381448503076 €
6.DELTA distance and motion sensorwith grey, round coverEN-DELTA-SO590381448504776 €
7.DELTA distance and motion sensorwith brown, round coverEN-DELTA-DO590381448505476 €
8.DELTA distance and motion sensorwith black, round coverEN-DELTA-CO590381448506176 €
9.DELTA distance and motion sensorwith white adapterEN-DELTA-ABK590381448525280 €
10.DELTA distance and motion sensorwith grey adapterEN-DELTA-ASK590381448526980 €
11.DELTA distance and motion sensorwith brown adapterEN-DELTA-ADK590381448527680 €
12.DELTA distance and motion sensorwith black adapterEN-DELTA-ACK590381448528380 €
13.Adapter for electrical box fi 60mmwith white coverEN-ADAPTER-B59038144851228 €
14.Adapter for electrical box fi 60mmwith grey coverEN-ADAPTER-S59038144851398 €
15.Adapter for electrical box fi 60mmwith brown coverEN-ADAPTER-D59038144851468 €
16.Adapter for electrical box fi 60mmwith black coverEN-ADAPTER-C59038144851538 €
17.DELTA sensor coverwhite, roundEN-OSLONA-BO59038144851774 €
18.DELTA sensor covergrey, roundEN-OSLONA-GO59038144851844 €
19.DELTA sensor coverbrown, roundEN-OSLONA-DO59038144851914 €
20.DELTA sensor coverblack, roundEN-OSLONA-CO59038144852074 €
21.Flush mounting box 35mmEN-PUSZKA59038144851604 €